The Feeling of Everything

Stuck in a loop is the feeling of everything.

You try to live life in a peaceful way where it seems like you are making progress but..

Setbacks hit you hard and expectations disappoint you.

You take everything that’s happening around you too personal.

Too personal to be yours.

Up close.

You live in it for too long for a specific moment that you forget the whole life that’s ahead of you.

Take a while to let it kick in. Read it again.

You do know that whatever you’re feeling right now is what you’ve already gone through.

If you’re feeling so, have you ever thought about how you felt doing the same thing that made you happy over and over?

Does it increase any kind of happiness feeling within you?

Or do you feel contempt that it already has?

Whatever your feeling is, let it be.

Do you want this feeling of everything to consume you?


Do you want to just focus on feeling what you want to feel by doing what you want?

Yes, there are setbacks.

There are disappointments.

The world did not walk your way.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop walking your path.

In the past, people called someone stupid when they said they can build a bridge to cross a river.

People called someone crazy, when they said they will build a machine that can help them fly in the air.

The same is with you.

Different times, different people in a society.

The hard work is all the same.

It is totally okay if people don’t see a path ahead of you because you do and will.

When its time, let go.

When you live in the present, focus on what you want.

Be who you want to be by doing what you have to.

One step ahead, many lives change.

One further step ahead, you’re already making progress.

Walk the path that you’re destined to.

Don’t let your current situations hinder your journey.

Start of the journey is end of your current problem.


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