I started Celebration Chain with the motive to help myself and others.

I hope one day, “I” will become “WE”.

Its tough to start something.

Most of the times, that feeling inside is what makes us who we are.

Steering through uncertainty is what I’d like to phrase it.

Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Nervousness, Fear, and Sadness.

These feelings make up a lot of human life for those who live in it.

What if there was someone who could offer me up a perspective or suggestion to the problem I’m facing?

What if I could share my experience on how I tackled such problems?

Why can’t I build a world or contribute something of my own to see the goodness in there?

Share a bit of happiness and see someone smile.

I wish somebody could help me on my journey.

Part of the journey is accepting setbacks and focusing on your goal.

What if you don’t have a goal?

What if you’re lost?

What should I do to live life happily?

These are some thoughts on which I wanted to start Celebration Chain.

Might be a maze if you’re uncertain and would be a notes if you’re in the receiving state.

Thanks for reading and wish you best for all the good things that you do!

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