Penning down a story

Home is where the heart is.

What if you’re lost and can’t put anything to heart during uncertain times?

Lost are the experiences that are not captured and so are opportunities that weren’t put in action.

How do we get to decide what’s fair and what’s the right thing to do?

Do we just follow a unison set of agreed opinions and form communities to tackle issues from time to time?

Are we just going to be a part of the story that someone is writing?

When will be any significant or can make a story of our own?

What kind of effort is required to make it matter?

Why is everything made into a tedious and lengthy process where you need to get in the good books of the corrupt to make progress?

Are we humans just focused on our own self and living the moment that whatever that does not impact us instantly is something that we do not seem to care of?

What does sleep have to do with all of this when it is all about functioning as the body expects?

They say what keeps you awake is what makes you feel alive.

Do you have a strong support system that lets you fight through for what is right?

Where does the help come aboard? Only after a loss?

People do not help other people. They lift people to be in places that they couldn’t be otherwise.

Thought for food they said when a lot of people are just prisoners of their own thoughts.

When would the change begin or how do I/we begin the change?

A timeless breath and a lifelike effort is all it takes to see through.

I stand through time.

Time above all.

– Positive Catalyst

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