Building a mental fortress

Coping up works differently for everyone.

What do you do when you’re subject to *unfair* circumstances often?

Is this a excuse to get out of your own comfort zone?

Your mind is a mental fortress when you build it through your subconscious.

Subconscious routines that are triggered for a long period of time require rewiring when you decide to change them.

When do you build one?

How does it help you steer through?

When do you open the gates?

Is it when you feel uncomfortable about everything that you’d like to confine yourselves in a shell?

Or is it good to confine when the environment around you is toxic?

What if one day it becomes to complex to escape the own maze you’ve created?

Why does it feel so emotional and tangible to be in the state you are?

Is this all something you’ve learnt or just taught to fool yourself?

Nonetheless, you do need a mental fortress along with hope to survive.

But where do you begin and when do you stop?

– CJ

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