Timeless Thoughts

There’s always something on your head.

Could be a thought.

Could be a feeling.

Could be a emotion.

Happy states resonate to happier emotions and feelings leading to constructive thoughts.

Neutral states resonate to how you’ve built your thought process.

So does your feelings and emotions.

Sad states resonate to destructive thinking and fear.

Fear of what if.

Fear of having the world against you.

Fear of losing everything you love.

Remember what you reap is what you sow.

Feed your subconscious with strength, courage, and wisdom.

To have happy states, plant and nurture the positive flows of mind.

Build mental states on positivity.

Focus on what you need to do to reach your goal.

Believe in a greater power that has took life before you.

Acknowledge that you’re not the first or will be the last.

Believe that everything shall pass even though it feels like you’ve been stuck in it for a lifetime.

Everything is temporary.

If you’re an atheist, believe in yourself that you will and you can.

Your mind and body is a powerhouse of everything that moves with you and within.

Let your powerhouse work for you rather than you working out yourself.

Life with time fades and when it does, you will not even know.

Memories cease and so does life.

It is best to live in the moment, appreciating yourself.

Spend some time with people who actually care for you.

Make time to have that fun element or work element depending on what you need to balance.

A life within is a world within.

Embark on a journey where you explore the outside world.

Love the things that you do and believe in greater things to have them fall in place for you.

Love yourself. You’re awesome.

Timeless thoughts.

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