let whatever happen.

People are bound to make mistakes.

It is what we do next, that makes us.

It is during this state, our brain enters a state of let whatever happen.

What may or may not, does not matter anymore.

It is your brain which is ready to receive whatever may.

It is your brain that won’t let it affect you as much as it usually does.


Deep in the shallows is a untangled heart that yearns for love.

For who we are, human.

Human are we, yet, chasing around anything and everything that the heart desires.

To any length or journey that can take us beyond.

To see the dawn of the horizon just to rest at our ever best.


Aren’t we all?


Ourselves, aren’t we?


Something meaningful to navigate through time. All of us? Yes.

Whatever the mind says, the heart follows at this state.

If it was the other way around, we would have already evolved.

It’s just us at end of the day.

We break and make ourselves.

You know who I Am ?

I know what you are.

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