The other side of life.

Unpolished, unedited version.

Life works differently for many yet everyone would expend time, a common resource.

When you look at time itself, you assume its infinite.

However, when you look at the time you have, it is finite.

Expendable or not, depends on the way you perceive.

While a human with no purpose, spends everything doing anything that they chose to; anyone with a purpose tries to make the best use of it.

It is always a try no matter how perfect it can look like as your future you would always have a better perspective or approach; sooner or later.

With all that said, what does the other side of life really look like?

Searching for a answer that could be different from your imagination?

My friend, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Expectations align when you feel happy irrespective of the outcome.

That’s just pure BS.

The other side of life always depends on the perspective you perceive.

While it can be all chaos on the inside, you can appear calm on the outside.

A million thoughts and a gazillion simulations were made before you could let a second go.

Time is everything, if you make to choose so.

Can be a garbage read if this doesn’t make any sense or you cannot connect.

The art of compelling writing has had its long way but this one is aimed at the raw human thoughts that can be used for analysis.

“Broken are we” can be best agreed by anyone who is going through any sad state or a continuous series of depressing events.

“A happy smile or a good laugh” can be best agreed by anyone who knows how to love themselves or have a bunch of people who make them do so.

Where do you belong depends totally on where you put yourselves.

Never question yourself a negative thought.


I think we all just did.

Let us take a step back and three spaces as it connects with the most.

Focus on positive thoughts and have a strong aura.

Life will work and so will you.

The unseen future is yours to live only when you can get through whatever you’re going through now.

Live life. Live it better.

Let it go.

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